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Phenol - Manufacturer, Exporters and Wholesale Suppliers,  Cowin Global Co Ltd

Phenol, which is also referred to as carbolic acid, Phenylic acid, benzophenol, hydroxybenzo and mono- hydroxy benzene, is used to produce a wide variety of chemical intermediates, including phenolic resins, bisphenol ...

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Cowin Global Co Ltd

Seocho, The O Ville Bldg 1316 - 137070, Korea, Republic of

Biomimetic Elastin - Manufacturer and Exporters,  Intuitivemedicorp

We are offering biomimetic elastin. rgd-elastin biomimetic elastin high quality elastin like protein for medical material and cell scaffold. what is elastin? elastin is the protein in the extracellular matrix ...


1126 Maegok-ri, Pungsan-eup , Korea, Republic of

Inorganic Pigment - Exporters,  U&k Trading Co.

We are offering Inorganic Pigment.Twinkl series what is twinkl? the twinkl is an effective pearl pigment composed of pure inorganic flake-type. Whose substrate is the boro silicate flake. It is a net-generation pearl ...

U&k Trading Co.

402 4th Floor Hajjeu Bld. 81, Mokdong-bukro, Yangcheon-gu , Korea, Republic of

Di-isobutyl Ketone - Exporters and Wholesale Suppliers,  JISAN CHEMICAL CO., LTD

Dear who may concern Good day! I am YL Jung from Jisan chemical. I'd like to introduce ourselves as one of leading agent in S.Korea engaged in trading of Chemicals since 2002. Please refer to below our item list ...

Jisan Chemical Co., Ltd

Seoul, Korea , Korea, Republic of

Aluminum Hydroxide - Manufacturer and Wholesale Suppliers,  KC Corporation

Aluminum hydroxide is produced by refining bauxite in bayer process. Aluminum hydroxide, in white powder form, is a very important basic chemical material with propertied easily reacting and dissolving to acid and ...

Kc Corporation

1696-1, Nanjeon-ril, Samho-eup, Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea , Korea, Republic of

Automotive Grease - Exporters and Wholesale Suppliers,  EXFRON Co.,LTD

Kyodo Yushi Multemp HD No.2 We offer Automotive grease

Exfron Co.,ltd

6-133 Shiheung Circulation Center, 97, Shiheung daero, Geumcheoun-gu, 153-755, rSeoul - 153-755, Korea, Republic of

Silica Aerogel Powder - Manufacturer and Exporters,  REM TECH Co., Ltd.

We are offering silica aerogel powder. Product feature - particle size range : 30~100mm - pore diameter : 20~50nm, - bulk density : ...
  • color: white

Rem Tech Co., Ltd.

40-11,Techno6ro, Yuseongku - 305-509, Korea, Republic of

Sodiium Silicate Corrosion Inhibitor - Manufacturer,  Korea Ascome

We are offering sodiium silicate corrosion inhibitor, silipoly-l is 100% soluble sodiium silicate corrosion inhibitor being effectively ...
  • No color: transparent

Korea Ascome

77 Daeti 1-gil, Jinbuk-myun, Masanhappo-gu, - 631-822, Korea, Republic of

Cast Soda - Manufacturer, Exporters and Wholesale Suppliers,  GB World Trade Co. Ltd

We are offering Cast Soda. Product: Cast Soda (Na2Co3) Spec: purity 97%, 98%, 99.5% Use: glass industry and textiles industry Qty. 100MT ...
  • soda: industry
  • cast soda: textile

Gb World Trade Co. Ltd

Khyeonggi-do Yangju City Bong Yang-Dong 496 - 482-090, Korea, Republic of

Aluminium Sulphate - Manufacturer, Exporters and Wholesale Suppliers,  Gyeongnam Trading Inc

We are offering aluminium sulphate. Top/top a.grade. content. 15-17%. none ferric/pb/as/heavy metalic. water sol. 0.12 ph. 3.0. colour. ...
  • White: White Crystal
  • Brand Name: GNTI

Gyeongnam Trading Inc

267-38. Dongsamgong, Youngdo-ku, Busan, Korea. , Korea, Republic of

Waterproof Agent - Manufacturer,  Changyoung Co. Ltd

We are offering waterproofing agent. Cyh-500 is a hydrophobic grout based on polyurethane. upon contact with water cyh-500 reacts to flexible closed cell rubber-like foam while expanding its volume up to 30 times. ...

Changyoung Co. Ltd

487 Gwacheondong, Gwacheonsi, Gyeonggido,Korea , Korea, Republic of

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Being equivalent to Dupont R-902, our Titanium Dioxide Rutile Powder (CR-501) is considered the best in the industry. Titanium Dioxide Rutile Powder (CR-501) that we offer is procured from reliable manufacturers in the ...

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Goldchem Korea Inc  

1120, Cheilfirst Vill-3, 486-uijeongbudong, Uijeongbu-si ,Gyeonggi-do - 480-848, Korea, Republic of

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We Offer Pvc Resin. CAS No.: 9002-86-2 H.S. Code: 390410904. Packed :25kg/bag.16--17MT/20'FCL... Plastic raw chemicals

Toto Industry Ltd

Rm 405, Hanshin It Tower, 230, Guro-dong , Korea, Republic of

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We offer Npk Fertilizer. we can supply korea origin fertilizer 1. Npk : 12-12-17 , 12-12-17+2casm, 12-12-17+2s, 10-25-13, 10-2-20, 16-16-8, 16-20-0, 14-14-14 , 15-15-6. 15+15+6+4casm . Etc. For rice, sugar cane , ...

Ys Chemical Co.,ltd

745-1 Munheyungri - 464924, Korea, Republic of

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We are offering electronic gases high-pure gases: kr, xe, ne pure gases and mix gases. Nh3 99.99999%, cl2 99.999%, ch4 99.999%, no 99.9%, 99.99%, cf4 99.999%, sf6 99.999%, d2 pure gases 99.999%, d2 mix gases, geh4 ...

Korea Noble Gas

# 96, Shinil-dong, Daeduck-gu, Daejeon, 306-230, Korea , Korea, Republic of

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We are offering ceramide, -are the most important lipids of the barrier function in stratum corneum -make up about 40% to 65% of the total lipids -consist 6 heterogeneous classes -contain sphingosine or ...

K-ings Co. Ltd

#8508 i-Bldg., 142 Bansongsunhwan-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan - 612743, Korea, Republic of

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We are offering textile chemicals. [dyeing auxiliaries] 1. Auxiliaries for textiles a. Desizing agents b. Sequestering agents c. H2o2 stabilizers d. Defoamers e. Scouring & soaping agents f. Carriers h. ...

Tae Won Tech Corp.

1715-6, Songjeong-dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea , Korea, Republic of

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Spinosad tech, 1-2mt.


1120-4 Bugok-dong, Gunpo-si , Korea, Republic of

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We are offering melamine molding compound, il-yang chemical it wasestablished by 1987 the mail products are antimony trioxide, antimony metal, melamine molding compound. Melochem molding compound is an ...

Il-yang Chemical

Jusam-dong569-1 , Korea, Republic of

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We offer Synthetic Resin. For the test, use this page. Thanks

Jchem Co.,ltd 

342-29 YeosuSandan 1Ro, Yeosu-si(City), Jeollanam-do(Province), S. Korea , Korea, Republic of